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Access Design Solutions provides Training in the design, development, management, and operation of the built environment and transport services.

Training courses can be tailored for:

How will our training benefit your organisation?

  • Professional development of in-house access expertise
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Potential for increasing your customer base and revenue


Training courses include:


We also run training for access, disability, voluntary and community groups to enable them to more effectively engage in inclusion and sustainability issues.


Training Strategies

We can provide support to enable an organisation to prepare a training strategy on inclusive design and management. Our experience in this includes chairing the steering group to produce the Disability Awareness and Equality Training Framework for Transport (DPTAC – Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee).

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Sculptures by the Sea

Consultancy and specialised 'touch tour' training helped Western Australia Art Gallery to achieve a 'Making a Difference' Award

"This workshop certainly raised my awareness"

"Thoroughly enlightening"

"Informative and valuable"

"Trainers approachable and knowledgeable"

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