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The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011, now popularly becoming know as the 'cookie law', came into force on  25 May 2012. As its name implies this Directive has been enacted to protect Web users' privacy and this covers the use of Web 'cookies'.


Our use of 'web cookies'

This website site generates a Category 3 'web cookie' (a small inert 'helper' file) for the sole purpose of enabling visitors to retain text-size enhancement and background contrast preferences during a visit and for 30 days thereafter for regular return visits – no other cookies are created or deployed. No personal or browsing information is collected, the cookie cannot harm your computer or device and it will expire automatically after 30 days*.

If your preference is to disallow cookies via your web browser you will need to select 'text enhance' and 'background contrast' options on a page by page basis throughout our site.

'Web cookie' categories as defined by 2011 legislation:

Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies – including those which make shopping carts, forms, logins, etc., work.

Category 2: Performance cookies – including web analytics, affiliate tracking and performance testing.

Category 3: Functional cookies – remembering settings.

Category 4: Targeting or advertising cookies – including cookies placed to collect browsing habits.

* Web Browser software has always allowed users to delete 'cookies' and/or block them – visit your Web Browser manufacturer's website to find out more. Examples of online help can be found below:

From manufacturers of the Firefox Web Browser:

From Microsoft, manufacturers of the Internet Explorer Web Browser:


'Web cookie' use by sites to which we provide links

Links to other websites are provided in good faith for information purposes only. These sites may deploy different types of 'cookies' to our own so we would encourage you to acquaint yourself with individual site usage policies and take whatever action you feel is appropriate to protect your privacy when visiting.


Some useful online resources relating to 'web cookies' and their use:

The International Chamber of Commerce (UK) summary of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 which is available as a PDF download

'How Internet Cookies Work' by Marshall Brain:

'All about cookies – a free resource to help marketers and consumers understand the issues surrounding the use of cookies:


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