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Caroline Lewis & Carol Thomas

Caroline Lewis            Carol Thomas

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ADS specialise in providing a holistic approach to inclusion; integrating inclusive design and management, service provision, accessible information, and employee consultation.

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Carol and Caroline have together more than 40 years access and inclusion experience, established reputations, and proven track records.

Recognised for provision of high level consultancy and training services backed by policy and research expertise at national and international levels.

We have worked with... Click here to see the wide range of public, private and voluntary sector bodies we have worked with.

Our reputation is our most important asset, therefore you can be assured that the services we provide will always be to the highest quality.

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We have a number of respected access consultants we can work with on larger projects.

We can also involve people with a range of expertise in specific projects, for example:

  • Equality and Human Rights: Neil Crowther, Neil Crowther Consulting
  • Law: Guy Hollebon, Employment Solicitor, part time Employment Judge
  • Low Vision: Andy Fisher, Senior Visual Impairment Consultant, Focal Point UK
  • Signage: Mark Rose, MKDesign
  • Transport: Ann Frye, Transport Consultant


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"...extensive knowledge matched by passion and dedication"

Carl Freeman, Guide Dogs

"Great results, expert, creative... highly recommend"

Richard Attiwell, Director, Milestone Building Compliance

Planning professionals specialising in:


National Register of Access Consultants: Consultant Members

Built Environment Expert: Cabe at the Design Council

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