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Effective stakeholder engagement is key to meeting Equality Act requirements and to achieving credits for BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Access Design Solutions has extensive experience in managing, arranging and running the stakeholder engagement process, ensuring it is inclusive and provides useful feedback for clients.

Methods may include:


Public Participation and consultation with the local community helps to ensure proposals will meet local needs and, if done well, enables local groups to feel involved and make valued contributions.

To be effective many issues need to be considered including consultation and involvement methods; accessible, user-friendly information; provision of feedback to participants; and, where appropriate, accessibility of events.


Planning an accessible event can be a time-consuming process and can easily go wrong. It is essential to ensure the event is inclusive, welcoming, worthwhile, and fit for purpose.

Issues to consider include venue accessibility, timing, transport, accessible materials; provision of aids or assistance to ensure people can take part such as sign language interpreters, and so on...

Let us help you to ensure participants are engaged and feel valued, and that you get useful feedback.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

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"deep and broad knowledge of inclusion and access and respectful of the lived experience of disabled people"

Vin West, Chair Arfon Access Group, Secretary Access Association Wales

" 'going the extra mile' is the default position"

Carl Freeman, Guide Dogs

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