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We have extensive experience of policy and research and have led on many projects which have been influential in setting current and future policy positions and standards. For details of our work in this area see Setting the Standards in the About Us section.

Research may be needed to provide a way forward to overcome a particular problem; to produce robust evidence to underpin a policy decision; or to test an innovative proposal. Where research involves user requirements it is essential that the research process and methods are inclusive and fit for purpose.

A design or technical standards manual can help an organisation take a strategic approach, ensuring that all developments achieve consistent standards that meet your goals and help achieve your vision. Having all the issues to be considered in one user-friendly document can save time and ensure good practice is spread throughout the organisation.

Consultancy services include:

"Able to quickly identify the key issues and provide excellent incisive advice"
Chiara Giovannini, ANEC European Consumer Voice on Standards

"consummate professional with a high degree of technical knowledge"
Sue Sharp, Royal London School for Blind students, former Head of Access and Mobility, Department for Transport

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The Mayor has published guidance ‘Accessible London: Achieving an Inclusive Environment’. While London focused the guidance will be of wider interest

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