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Enabling clients to meet their requirements under the
Equality Act 2010

With a total of 40 years' experience in accessibility and inclusive design, Carol and Caroline have established reputations and proven track records in the provision of high quality access consultancy

"...we all value thoughtful and effective design for our access needs... with the right kind of thought and discussion a way can be found round almost any barrier"
Baroness Andrews; Chair, English Heritage


Our approach

We have worked on significant public realm developments and buildings with cultural and historic value and understand the importance of a flexible approach to meet the functional and aesthetic aspirations of designers. We approach each project anew, and tailor our solutions to the client’s needs.

While a strategic approach is best, we recognise that access problems may be unforeseen and specialise in providing practical advice – quick fixes and long term solutions.

Achieving inclusion and sustainability
We understand that our clients will have both accessibility and sustainability requirements to meet. There is a synergy between access and sustainability but also potential conflicts in their requirements. We understand the environmental assessment standards of BREEAM and can therefore advise our clients to ensure inclusion and sustainability are achieved.

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Caerphilly Castle

Consultancy on improving the visitor experience of disabled people to historic monuments such as Caerphilly Castle, with CADW (Wales Historic Environment Service)

English Heritage revised 'Easy Access to Historic Buildings' references NRAC members as appropriate persons to appoint for access auditing.

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